Back-country skiing in the Stubai

2016-03-07 - Sometimes people think we're crazy. We could be laying in the sun, drinking cocktails and listening to music with good friends. Instead, we pack our bags and head to the mountains for a 4-days  back-country skiing trip. It's cold and windy. The visibility is limited. It could be better with a bit of sun, much better. But it isn't. And still, I love it ! Why ?

First, I like open spaces. Mountains impress me. They are quiet and massive. They change colors five times per day. They have so much to give, yet they can take lives. The ask us to be humble and respect them.

Second, I like the feeling of producing a physical effort. Ski touring brings you to places that you cannot reach other than by walking. You go where lifts don't go. You walk up to 5 or 6 hours per day. You don't need to be an athlete. However, you need the will to get there and walk a few hours hours per day (4 to 6 in our case). Yes I am tired. But at the end, the sense of accomplishment is greater than the feeling of exhaustion.

Finally, I love skiing. I'm always excited by the idea of making a few turns in 40 cm of fresh powder. Who doesn't ?

The Stubaï region is situated South of Innsbruck (Austria). It is perfect for ski touring. Most cabins are open early in March. Mountain streams, small lakes, waterfalls and glaciers are omnipresent. Sometimes, they hide under the snow. Sometimes, they offer unreal landscapes. During 4 days, we went from one valley to the other. We climbed around 3500 to 4000m. We slept in cabins, where all skiers gather at night tell stories with a glass of beer.

Unfortunately, all good things have an end. And I can't wait for the next adventure.

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