Kitesurfing in black and white

2016-08-22 - Knokke-Heist, Belgium.  At the beachfront of the RBSC sailing club, local riders are having fun. I can watch them for hours jumping up to 8-10 meters. I'd been taking some pictures from the shore when Stef, one of the guys, came to ask me whether I could share some of my pictures. Not only I agreed, but I also offered to get into the water and take the shots from below. Being below the kite allows to capture the rider and the kite together on the same frame. Moreover, being in the water is the key for bringing the action to live. 

Most kitesurfing pictures display beautiful beaches, blue skies and clear waters. Unfortunately, things are quite different on the Belgian coast. Therefore I opted for black and white photography, focusing on the action and the tricks rather than the colors. My camera was protected with a Dicapac waterproof case.

Stef and Loyd are just impressive. They could exactly jump and do the tricks when and wherever needed. Thanks guys ! Lots of fun !

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